Catford Art trail begins

Venue 29 not just my age

Getting ready for the London Art Trail 2019

Art Trail Catford

Concrete Picture Frame

I’ve been working with concrete fabric for three years and still not too sure of its future roll in work. It has created a contrasting texture to the felted wool picture. I though, I might test it’s usability in garden decoration as I might include it in the Art Trail 2019.

Art trail 2019 - Jean Video from 2018

I will be showing my work from Waters Road Catford SE6 1UE. Sep 28/29 & Oct 5/6 2019, the garden space extra hanging and display areas. There is a comfortable gazebo, gentle relaxing pond, made by Cameron Belcher and delicious refreshments. Hopefully see you all there. Jx

Acrylic cards

from selection

Hand painted original cards

From selection

Sparkly jars of Christmas

Reminiscing happy times

Zodiac sign tattoo art. Limited edition with faux gold individually applied. £5 plus postage

We are in central London and can send a card for you anywhere in the world there is a postal service

All original hand painted A5 card art work is £20, acrylic, water colour and mixed media.  

Face book: Outsidethebox @darflingart

Hand made art made in crafted cards

Individual art, designed and created by  both established and up-and-coming artists. 

Each piece of work is presented as an A5 card: choose from a selection of original hand painted art or our new main line collection in our reproduced range.  All cards include a hand made embossed plain leaf for your own message. 


London based, we can send your exclusive cards anywhere-as long as there is a postal service.


We can include your emailed message or you can choose for us to write your message.


Our hand made cards acrylic, water colour and mixed media are set at £20 each plus postage.   



Hand crafted main line collection £5 + postage




Email print out: £1





Original acrylic, water colour and mixed media

All the following is original art work.  When choosing acrylic be aware that although we conciously try and make work within the postal rated mailing there may be occassions when this is exceded.  Although we meticulously  weight each piece for some reason sometimes differs at the post office.   All hand painted A5 cards are £20 + post

Acrylic 'Billy'

Water colour 'Lady walking her dog'

Water colour 'No squirals there'

Acrylic 'tweeties'

Arcylic 'Am flower'

Send us an email if you have special requirements and address you want the card sent to:


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